1. same same but different

    same same but different

  2. Muse: Blake Lively

    Some sartorial inspiration from one of the Gossip Girls.. Blake Lively. 

  3. Muse: Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp.. easily one of my favorite fashion muses.  So many things to like about Johnny Depp.. just oh so many things.

  4. Muse: Eugenia Gonzalez

    Eugenia Gonzalez.. muse of the day…. 

  5. Muse: Gabby Reece

    I’ve always enjoyed working out and exercising.  Even as a child.. playing outside.. riding my bike.. climbing a tree.. was my choice.  Around 8 years of age I started playing soccer and whilst I hated.. I mean hated.. the fitness portion of the sport.. I really loved the sport enough to play almost 11 years.  In high school I played a little tennis and basketball.. and now I just may have the makings of a surfer though I hesitate to call myself one.  So sports.. activities.. exercise.. I love.

    All that being said.. I still lacked the extra push.. AND I didn’t want to waste my mind space on figuring out workout routines.  Then I came across Gabby Reece’s Fitness 360.  I [el oh vee ee] these workouts.  She takes all the guess work out.  I can do them outside.. inside.. at the gym.. at home.  And now that I have a few weeks of the 360 workouts behind me.. I can honestly say I LOVE it! 

    So.. if you are looking for workout inspiration then here you go.. GabbyReece360.com.  Do yourself that pre-summer favor.

  6. my favorite muses..

    my favorite muses..

  7. Designer Muse: Proenza Schouler

    Just looking around at the Spring collections and I’m not sure what it is.. supermoon to blame maybe.. but I wasn’t loving the “highlighted collections” until I came across Proenza Schouler.  I’m loving their colors.. prints.. details.. silhouettes.  WINNING!

    SPRING RTW 2011

    FALL RTW 2011