1. my favorite muses..

    my favorite muses..

  2. Brand Muse: Elizabeth and James

    There are many things we love in life.. and really that word gets thrown around too easily but we’re not here to talk about that.  I love chocolate, and travel, and people, and sports, and fashion.. and in fashion I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  They have been my long standing favorite fashionistas and I don’t foresee that changing.. any time soon.

    With that in mind. I thought I would highlight one of their brands.  Admittedly, I have yet to buy an Elizabeth and James item.  Honestly, I’m a cheap or “budget” clothes shopper.  Perhaps one day I won’t have to think.. “that sweater is  plane ticket…” (insert destination).  For now though.. that is what I think (remember.. “I love travel” too). 

    Regardless of whether my travel fund gets in the way, I really like this line.  Cute dresses.. great shoes.. blazers.. ahh yes.. and these are a few of my favorite things…….



    Elizabeth and James

    Elizabeth and James by sgitts featuring crinkle tops